Get your letters into the council by the 29th of November

If this is important to you, please get your letters and questionnaire  into the council by the 29th November.



We all need to fill in the GBC questionnaire, if we can possibly find the time. This is the questionnaire linked to the Local Plan, deadline 29 November 2013 at 5pm.  There may be a risk that our individual letters are summarised by council employees so if we reply to the questionnaire directly we give them a response they have to count the replies statistically. This is the link They’ve said they only have 500 responses so far. We don’t want them to think this is because we don’t care!

They will accept responses either online (but you have to register – quite quick and easy) or physical responses (but then you may need to get it in earlier than the deadline).

It really is easy to register, you can save what you have submitted and go back to it later. You can type in narrative responses, with a word limit (quite high) per section. You can cut and paste. So you can put quite a lot in there.

We have a draft response on our area prepared by a local residents’ association (BCARA- Burrows Cross Area Residents’ Association). They are submitting this on their own behalf but are quite happy with anyone borrowing from it if it is useful. Someone  suggested writing a short email and attaching it, saying you broadly support what it says. GBC have said that they will ignore duplicate responses and petitions so beware – if you do this make sure the email makes the key points.

2. Letter to Guildford Borough Council

I know a lot of you have already written to the Council. If not, you should write to:

Carol Humphrey

Head of Planning Services

Guildford Borough Council

Millmead House



Surrey GU2 4BB

or you can send by email to

We have sample letters on the website.

Please leave a reply- we value your thoughts

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