PLEASE respond to the consultation before 22 September 2014

The formal consultation on the Local Plan has started and will run until 22 September 2014.

Please reply to the plan in some way to express your point of view!

Details on how to reply are on the Local Plan consultation webpage of this website

You can write, send an email, fill in the Council’s 7 question Questionnaire, or reply to each of the policies proposed in the Local Plan.

If you have time, replying to the policies is the best way of making sure that your views are noted, since these are what will constitute the formal local plan.  Specimen responses are on this website Рsee this page

Consultation, and letters on Issues and Options consultation autumn 2013


It will run for 12 weeks until 22 September

This is the opportunity to change the plan – after the consultation period, the plan will be modified in the Autumn.

Although there will be a 2nd draft of the Local Plan, the chance of changing things at that stage is small, and modifications will be minor. So it will be really important to participate in that consultation over the summer.

Whatever you think, please do express a view. You can do so on the formal consultation links to Guildford Borough Council; by email; by letter; or by going to the consultation centre at Swan Lane and expressing your view.

If you do express a view, please keep a record, and check that the consultation process correctly interprets your view and reflects it. If not, there will in due course be a consultation with a Planning Inspector. There will be an opportunity to engage in the process through the planning enquiry but not all respondents will have the right to express a view, so do write during the summer .

THE FIRST CONSULTATION ENDED IN NOVEMBER, but some of the information may be useful, so we are keeping this on the site for the next stage.

The responses to your views in the Issues and Options Consultation are available on the GBC website, so you can look at these and check that your views have been accurately recorded.

In terms of addressing other matters, including errors that you may identify in the evidence base (which they are supposed to correct), the following may be useful:

The email address is

Planning Policy


Specimen letters from the Issues and Options Consultation are included below. These may still be useful in order to prompt your own ideas, and to give you an outline of the sort of things that you might want to say in your own letter. Please do try to put this into your own words – Carol Humphrey, Head of Planning, has said that duplicate letters will be “binned”, so do please rephrase even if you agree with the ideas.

Please note; some letters have had personal information such as names and addresses removed in order to respect the anonymity of the writer.

Campaign to Protect Rural England’s Response to GBC

BCARA_response_to_questionnaire – REVISED

Letter from a resident who has lived in the area for 35 years

A letter from Gomshall resident

7 good reasons

Questions 21, 30 and 23. – this letter is especially helpful for answering the key points in you letters if you have limited time

Professor Harrap’s letter

Dr Weston’s letter