Peaslake Protection Group formed

Last night the Peaslake Protection Group (PPG) was formed at a packed meeting in Peaslake Memorial Hall. This was in response to concerns regarding Peaslake Farm on the Ewhurst Road. The first issue is that the existing farm buildings on Ewhurst Road, currently in use, might possibly be converted to affordable housing (apparently very preliminary discussions have taken place between the parish council and a housing association).

There are some community fears that this in turn could possibly lead to threats of development on the fields along the valley floor, surrounded by the Hurtwood, especially if the existing farm buildings are lost so that it becomes more difficult to tend the fields in the area.

The fears regarding Peaslake Farm are obviously the main immediate issue, but PPG will be a community group with concerns in relation to the whole of Peaslake.

Contact them on

When PPG has its own website we will put a link to their website and Facebook page on this page.

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