Parliamentary sub-committee review of NPPF

On 16 December 2014, the government published the results of the parliamentary sub-committee into the operations of the NPPF.

In response, GGG wrote the following open letter to all Guildford Borough councillors and MPs:
Dear Councillor

You may be interested to see the parliamentary sub-committee report on the publication of the NPPF, which was published overnight. This should have an impact on our emerging local plan.

GGG submitted written responses to this sub-committee and I was pleased to attend the sub-committee forum on behalf of GGG in order to contribute to this debate.

The report and associated press response can be read here, which includes a hotlink to the full report:

Please note that this report recommends:

1. Developers will not be allowed to challenge inclusion of brownfield sites on the grounds of viability

2. All sites with planning permission will be required to be counted against the 5 year supply

3. There is a call for a remediation fund for brownfield sites to be set up

4. There is a recommendation for a 3 year requirement for implementing a Local Plan

Best wishes

Susan Parker
Guildford Greenbelt Group

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