Threat to Send – see details from Save Send Action Group

From the
Save Send Action Group

(the previously advised date 16 January has been extended)

Dear Resident

Send needs your help again, urgently! Planning application 14/P/02289 is to build a very large Narrowboat Basin or “Marina” in the big field between Tannery Lane and Wharf Lane. It sounds harmless. But it isn’t. It’s a devious way of getting permission for an access road to exactly the same green belt land proposed for a large housing estate in Guildford’s Draft Plan – which so far we have managed to delay.

The proposal is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Very few Send residents know about it. Even some residents in Tannery Lane have had no notification from Guildford. But if you can wade through the 75 supporting documents on their website, some of which are 50 or more pages long, it quickly becomes apparent how damaging this development would be for our village. Once breached, Send’s green belt will be doomed. Other sites will go too. So please help Send by writing your objection. Even if you wrote before about the Draft Plan each application is treated separately, so we are asking you please to write again.


1. It involves double storey workshops and buildings, toilets and showers, changing rooms and laundry on a green belt site. Guildford has recently been reminded that there is a presumption against development on the green belt. This application ignores it. Exceptional circumstances have to be proved for building on green belt and this application does not begin to do that.

2. There is provision for 53 parking places for cars and lorries visiting the site. Tannery Lane, off which the new access road would be built, is narrow and twisty and totally unsuitable for any increase in traffic at all. A big increase in traffic would exacerbate the existing hazard at the junction with Send Road, worsen the traffic problem for Papercourt Lane and threaten the Papercourt Marshes site of special scientific interest. The lane is already at its maximum traffic capacity. It cannot take more.

3. It will increase the risk of flooding in Tannery Lane, Wharf Lane and possibly Send Road. This is because the developer does not propose to remove the excavated soil but to raise the level of adjoining land by up to two metres with no surface water abatement. There is flooding already.

4. Construction could involve disturbing landfill sites and releasing harmful methane gases. This will be detrimental to the health of Send residents. A similar situation has already arisen in Chertsey which resulted in illness and death. Putting Send residents in such danger for financial gain is wholly unacceptable. Councillors and officials should be held personally liable if they approve such disturbance when they do not know exactly what was buried where. They are ignoring the noxious, rusty coloured water which oozes out of the landfill and that the proposed buildings would be adjoining a contaminated field.

5.The proposal is massively out of scale with moorings for 80 narrow boats – considerably more than is needed locally. There is insufficient demand for this huge number and it makes no economic sense unless to serve another purpose, namely to open up our precious green belt for housing. The proposed access road would do exactly that.

6. A huge marina would destroy the much loved beauty and ambiance of the Wey Navigation. This is supposed to be a Protected Area. It is enjoyed by many Send residents. The existing character and beauty of the stretch from Cartbridge to the Tannery would be destroyed.

7. Because of such poor site access the construction upheaval would be prolonged and disruptive. The ongoing noise and light pollution would be deeply damaging to the wildlife on Broadmead and Papercourt Meadow, in particular to the protected bats species which are especially sensitive to this type of disruption. We are fortunate to have a local habitat suitable for some rare birds like lapwings and other wildlife. This can be easily destroyed but can never be recreated. Yet the application has the affrontery to claim that the proposal would improve the habitat and create diversity.

8. Some of the land is the best agricultural land in the borough – grade 2 since Guildford does not have any grade 1. It is currently used for growing crops and protected by our current active local plan.

9. The application papers, although overwhelming in volume, are riddled with inaccuracies. In some drawings existing houses are shown on the wrong side of the road or not shown at all. Tannery Lane has changed its alignment. What are said to be scale drawings are not to scale at all. The so-called “community consultation exercise” claims virtually one hundred percent support but those who expressed concern have been erased from the records. There may be seventy five documents (which can be purchased for £220!) but quantity is no substitute for integrity.

10. This application is a Trojan Horse. Unless it is stopped now it will prove impossible to fight off later developments, including the huge housing estates and industrial parks which Guildford has planned for Send’s green belt and which the Save Send Action Group is fighting to prevent. This fight goes on but it needs your continued support if it is to succeed.

So please OBJECT to this absurd proposal. You can do so in three ways and every adult member of your household can do so individually:

1. By writing a letter to the Planning Department, Guildford Borough Council, Millmead House, Millmead, Guildford, Surrey GU2 4BB. Please quote the planning reference 14/P/02289, Land to the North of Tannery Lane, Construction of a Narrowboat Basin

2. By emailing your objection to You need to quote the same reference 14/P/02289 and you must also give your own name and full postal address

3. If you can manage to navigate the Guildford Council website you can submit your objection via To do so you need to register.

There is not much time available. Because it is a major development Guildford have extended the deadline. But objections must still be received at the Council Offices by 4 pm on Monday 26 January. If it is later, your objection will not be counted.

If you are unsure of getting it into the post in time please tell us and we will deliver it to the Council for you.( Tel 01483 222935)

PLEASE ALERT YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBOURS who most probably are unaware of the threat posed by this application. Ask them to write as well. We need the numbers. If you want a digital copy of this flyer, to send to friends in the village, we can supply it.

Please Remember

Please leave a reply- we value your thoughts

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