Sayers Croft, a charity teaching children about countryside and the outdoors, threatened!

The endless proposed building plans go on..

Sayers Croft is a wonderful charity that exists to teach primary school children about the outdoors, the countryside and the environment, and that seeks to educate all about the importance of the natural world.

15 000 children a year come to Sayers Croft to learn about the countryside and their environment, many from the inner city.

It is now threatened with a building site.

English Heritage have recommended that Sayers Croft should be designated a conservation area. Great crested newts, a protected species, are on the site, close to the area  proposed for development.

The last scheme was thrown out by Waverley Council – but it has now been resubmitted, with changes.

Sayers Croft need you to oppose this, please.  Anyone can oppose, you don’t need to live in Waverley to do so.

You can sign their petition (I have) and you can write to Waverley Council to object, before 20 February 2015.

More details of how to object are here:

Do note this ISN’T about affordable housing. The homes planned won’t be affordable homes for young families and key workers. They will be extensive and  expensive. There is more profit in a large home built on a greenfield site  than there is in cheaper flats built in the urban area.

This is part of the proposal to put thousands on homes in and around Cranleigh and Ewhurst – most of which will be large and expensive homes.  That’s in addition to the 13000-15000 proposed for the countryside in Guildford, of which about 70% are planned for the greenbelt and countryside. That’s in part due to the National Planning Policy Framework and the government changes in legislation and guidance to give less and less protection to the environment.

None of the major parties are interested in the countryside or the environment, that’s why we formed Guildford Greenbelt Group. The name is an historical accident, but GGG is a blue/green grass roots party which is dedicated to protecting our environment.  We care about the countryside here, and we will do our best to protect it. We think the political process will help us to do so, and a democratic vote for change will alert government to the fact that their policies are wrong.

This area is precious, vulnerable, and we should work together to save it.

Susan Parker

Guildford Greenbelt Group




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