Surrey County Council to decide on gas production at Albury on 13 July

A proposal to allow gas extraction at Albury Heath will be decided by Surrey County Council on WEDNESDAY 13 July.

This is clearly urgent – and it has been kept very quiet.

More information is given here:

Go-ahead recommended for gas production in Surrey protected landscape against planning policy

Independent bodies like CPRE have questioned whether it is right to go ahead.

The government promised NOT to allow fracking in AONBs  (Areas of outstanding natural beauty). We’re told this isn’t fracking, in that there isn’t hydraulic fracturing, but is the production of Compressed natural gas, using HGVs along New Road  in Albury. Compressed gas will be moved along our narrow rural roads; there will be some lighting associated with the development and the operation will be 24/7.

Surrey County Council have responsibility for planning in relation to mineral rights and so have the right to determine this. They have claimed that they have carried out 3 public consultations on proposed fracking at Albury Heath, but as far as we know, most residents were not informed.

If you aren’t happy about this, tell your Surrey County Councillor. This is the body that will make this decision and until Friday it will not be binding. There is a very short window to challenge this, but even if the consultation is formally closed, we can complain until the decision is made.

The Surrey County Councillor for the Shere ward is Keith Taylor. You can write to him at:

Keith Taylor
Send Marsh Road
GU23 6JR


but in case of non-reply you can copy Surrey County Council

Surrey County Council
Contact Centre
Room 296-298
 County Hall
Penrhyn Road
Kingston upon Thames
Surrey KT1 2DN


For background information, although they do not have a vote on this, you can also tell the borough councillors for the Tillingbourne ward (Richard Billington and David Wright

and the Surrey Hills AONB Board (Chairman, David Wright  – this is the same David Wright who is the local borough councillor –

and your MP ( – his secretary is



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