What you can do



This is the most important thing you can do in relation to the local plan process.

Details of the current local plan draft are set out on the Guildford borough website here:


Many of us commented last time and many of those comments were disregarded. But this time, the comments will be summarised for the Planning Inspector who is required to approve the Local Plan. (You can restate your comments from last time if they have been ignored).

The local plan consultation ends on 18 July 2016 at midnight – get your comments in before then in case the website crashes. You can respond by using the questionnaire on Guildford Borough Council’s website, or you can just send an email making your points to


Remember that last time there were 22 000 responses – any fewer, and Guildford will consider that the plan has broad support if there are fewer responses this time.  If you wish to object, you must state the word OBJECT or it may be counted as approval.

If you wish to object to all the policies, you must list them with specific objections, or it won’t count.  If you object to each policy (there are around 40) it will count as 40 objections. You can also object to each site proposed for development.

Guildford Greenbelt Group has published a draft of its response on its website as an aide memoire or to prompt your own thoughts.



2. Letter to Borough Councillors

Forward the letters you have written to the planning department to the Borough councillors or write them a separate letter.
Our two councillors are:

Councillor David Wright

Newlands House
Shere Road
Newlands Corner
Surrey GU4 8SE

or you can email at David.Wright@guildford.gov.uk


Councillor Richard Billington

33 Station Road

or you can email at richard.billington@guildford.gov.uk

Do remember that they represent us and they have to understand our views in order to take them into account. Remember that is the way that they vote, and what they say to influence their colleagues, that will really count in terms of our future, rather than any personal reassurance that they may give us.   The strength of feeling about the Green Belt is only just beginning to be understood by Guildford Borough Council, so we need to explain to them clearly how important this issue is to us. In the final analysis, if they do not appreciate our concerns and respond to them, they could be removed as part of the electoral process at the next election.

3.Letter to Sir Paul Beresford (our MP)

Again you can either copy the letter you have written before or you can write separately to our MP.

Sir Paul Beresford MP,
House of Commons,
London, SW1A 0AA

or email dukem@parliament.uk

Sir Paul has been supportive re the Green Belt and is fighting our corner. He needs a lot of ammunition to tackle our corner from within the government, so please do write to him accordingly. The Government seem to think that all land – even the AONB – is just a place to build a house. Most of us don’t agree, and Sir Paul needs ammunition to explain to the government that they need to change to keep our votes. Mole Valley is a safe seat; the Government will want to keep it that way.

4. Write to Surrey County Council

They are not directly involved in the planning process, but Surrey County Council also appear to be supporting a pro-development agenda. You can write to them at:
Surrey County Council
Contact Centre
Room 296-298
County Hall
Penrhyn Road
Kingston upon Thames
Surrey KT1 2DN

The County Councillor for Shere is
Keith Taylor
Send Marsh Road
GU23 6JR

or keith.taylor@surreycc.gov.uk

[SCC will probably reply that planning is a matter for the borough council. But they have some responsibility for development in Surrey and are also our representatives, so we can flag our concern].

6.  Twitter Feeds

Save Hogs Back: @SaveHogsBack

Normandy Action Group: @NormandyAG
Greenbelt_Network: @Greenbeltnetwor
The Guildford Dragon: @guildforddragon
handsoffthegreenbelt: @SOSgreenbelt
CPRE Surrey: @CPRESurrey


Susan Parker: @SParkerGGG



6. Facebook

Facebook is an excellent way of getting updates and sharing information. Please like and share us here

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